Judges Information 

Judges A1 list

Persons having been approved by the KC to award Challenge Certificates in Irish Terriers , completed thier first appointment  and supported by  Members of this club.

Breed Specialists
Mr K Anderson,  Mrs W Bower, Miss A Bradley , Mr P Carroll, Mr R Crawford , Mr P Dorian,  , Miss A Goddard,
Herr H Gruttner , Mr I Hemings , Mr P Livesey, Dr A Noonan , Mr A Norcross, ,
Mr E O'Brien, Mr R Punter, Mrs S Seabridge, , Mr L Stahle, ,Miss J Simcock,
Mr J Stewart , Mr S Sweeney , Ms L Williamson.

  All-Rounders .
Mrs K Aspin,  Mr L Aspin, Mr K Bartlett, Mr A Brace, Mr W Brown - Cole , Mrs E Cartledge,
 Mr T Johnston,  Mr M King , J Lanning , Mrs J Lilley.

Judges A3 List

 Supported by members of the   ITA  if invited by the KC to award CC's  in Irish terriers  ​​​. ​​​​

Breed Specialists
Have 7+ years experience in judging IT's; steward minimum of 12 shows (any breed); and/or owned minimum of 3 dogs when they obtained thier first entry in the KC Stud Book ; judged the breed at 5 Open or Champ Shows without CC's with an adequate   geographical spread ;  judged a minimum of 50 dogs and 35 classes ; attended and passed Breed Seminar ; attended and passed  seminars given by KC Accredited Trainer  KC regulations, judging procedures, confirmation and movement.
Mrs C Bamsey, , Mrs S Grant ,  Mr B Atwell , Mrs J looker. 

All - Rounders
7years judging experience- any breed and 5 years in IT's ; awarded CC  in at lease one other breed ; bred and/or own a minimum of three dogs when  obtained their first entry in the KC Stud Book; judged the breed at 7 Open  or Champion Show without CC's with an adequate geography spread ; judged a minimum of 45 dogs and 65 classes in this breed ; attended  and passed Breed Seminar ;  attend and passed seminars given by KC Accredited Trainer in KC regulations , judging procedures , confirmation and movement .
Miss C Clark  O ' Neill, Mr J Barney.

​​​​​​​​​​Judges  B List 

The following persons will be supported by members of this club if invited to judge  Irish Terriers at shows where  CC's were not   offered.

Breed  Specialists
Criteria : To have three years experience owning and exhibiting in this breed and to have the support  of the I.T.A  . To judge five classes of this breed at OPEN or CH SHOWS  without CC's and to have   judged a minimum of 10 dogs of this breed ( save  in exceptional circumstances ). To have attended at least one breed  seminar  run in accordance with the  relevant Kennel Club ' Code of Practice ' and passed an examnation   and/or  assessment where applicable . To have attended a seminar given by a Kennel Club accredited trainer and passed the relevant examation on Kennel Club regulation the judging procedures,  confirmation and movement . ​
Mrs K Bentley - Mouat, Mrs M Cook,  Mrs A Cooke, Mr M Gilbert , Mr J McGhie , Miss D Nicholls,  A Price,
Mr F  Rundle, Mrs G Thomas. 
 ​​ Non-Specialists-All-Rounders
Criteria. Minimum of five years judging experience in anyone breed and to have the support of the I.T.A.  To  have judged   10   classes of this breed  at OPEN or CH SHOWS   without   CC's (  save in exceptional circumstances), and to  have got a minimum of 20 dogs of this breed. To  have  attended at least one  breed  seminar run in accordance with the relevant Kennel Club ' Code of Practice' and   passed  an examination and / or. assessment where applicable  . To have attended a seminar given by  a Kennel Club accredited trainer and  passed the relevant examination of Kennel Club regulations and judging  procedures , confirmation and movement ​. 
 Mr A  Allcock MBE,  MrJ Ashe, D Bell, F Chapman - King , Mrs M Deats , Mr F Gadd,  Mr T Mather, R Pearce, Mr J Rowe, F Snook ,  Mrs J Vickers,  Mr D Winsley.
     ​​ Judges C List  

Breed Specialists    For aspirant judges who  have shown  interest in the breed.
Mr J Averis ,Mrs J Bradbury , Mr J Willetts.

  Non-Specialist  -All Rounders .
Mr  B Aubrey , Mr T Ball, Mr S Bardwell , 
​ H Bradford  , Miss V Cox  , C Davani,  Mr P Davies , Mr A  Favell, Mr K Francis,  Mr I Gabriel ,  Mrs J Gill, D  Graham ,
Mr T Hadley ,  Mr R  Hill , P Hollings , Mr M Ord ,  Mr M Oxley,  Mr C Richerson , P Sands , M Sergeant  , A Vernall,
 Mrs P Wells,  Mr A Westwood,  Mrs D Willet, Miss A Witmond .