ITA Open Show 2016 -  


Left BIS Angela Cooke with Montelle Carvillius Gold JW 
Centre  Judge Carmel Clarke-O'Neill
Right Ann Bradley with Montelle Sirona Flame JW owned by David Hargreaves & Fiona Dancer
                     BPIS Adrian & Marie Brooks Turith the Lawyer at Zetamaz

                                                                         BVIS Tracey and Sue O'Keeffe Montelle Shes a Lady with Louise Walker


Champ Show 2016 - 

photos by Brian Atwell

L to right Bitch CC & BIS  Mr & Mrs T Barker & Mr J Averis - Ch Irvonhill Leave it to Me, Judge Mr Tom Johnston, Bitch RCC Mr & Mrs K Bower  Lakeridge Ceallac


     L to right Dog CC Mr D & Mrs A Howarth - Mikes Fergus Judge, Mr Tom Johnston, RCC Mrs G Thomas - Montelle Royal Leader at Sunnnystone


BPIS Mr & Mrs A Barker, Mr J Averis & Miss A Goddard - September Morn On Irvonhill


                                                Best Veteran in Show Mr & Mrs J Nevill - Courtington Elena at Rosemonelle  

The 2016 Match

  Best in Match 306 - Brandy owned by Louise Walker


           Thanks to our judge Felicity Snook 


Open Show 2015


  BIS Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar


         BISOS & BP Montelle Carvillious Gold

Fun Day 2015                                                                                                                                                         



                                                   Clever, out...follow the hand


  And then jump...whooohoooo


        Now the serious stuff......the sausage race


 Obedience winners......perfect control


                       Relaxing and enjoying the rest!          

                                          As if I would do anything naughty.................      


Championship Show 2015